There are State, Federal, and legal regulations, safety concerns. Thus it requires you to read this very carefully.  It is a DISCLAIMER or what is called "the small print".
DISCLAIMER NOTE: We strive at Boyz HID to be as precise as we can on pricing and break things down so you totally understand this isn’t just a one size fits all industry.
Dis-Assembly and Re-Assembly of firearms is not included in the base pricing of the finishes as firearms vary in complexity and parts. This is not field striping. It’s obvious the entire firearm is reduced to its smallest components, miniature screws, springs, and pins the manufacturer has selected any one of which if missing can cause a malfunction.
In addition some parts are one of a kind, or handmade and if lost or broken would have to be hand built or replaced. In some cases manufacturers made part combos never thinking they would be refinished, replaced or repaired.
We work on long guns, big guns, small guns, broken guns and fairly often a few we get to repair the damage beset upon it by a lesser talented individual. With that in mind, our price list which we are not ashamed to put in print is out in the open and very large because the selection we work on is basically very large. We only have a few limitations.
Only when a weapon is stripped and disassembled, do you get a chance to see all the little things you merely glanced over or the wonderful surprises the manufacturers or previous owners have left you. Both types of our coating require full disassembly or the weapon or product.

While we are gunsmiths with the proper training and tools, sometimes sights break (with use of sight press's , they are seized.) or other parts may be broken or damaged or we may find that they already were damaged in some way. That's when we call you to let you know what we found and/or what happend.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BREAKAGE of sights or other parts on your weapon. Again this is when we will notify you, We will price new replacement parts for you if you choose. We are also NOT RESPONSIBLE for water damage to scopes during the dipping process!!!

While our prices may not the cheapest, you get what you pay for (and then some) at Boyz HID. The procedures described above are not standard practice with most of our competitors whether they charge more or less than we do.