About Frederick's Firearms
Lawruk Machine was founded and has been in the machine industry since 1966. Mike Frederick purchased the company in 1990. Frederick's Firearms has preformed numerous military and government projects. Firearm making has been in the making for 3 years for various companies. Veteren designer/operator developed the new FF-15 & FF-308. All our matched sets machined on HAAS CNC Machines.
Frederick Firearms Start life as a block of ALCO 70/75 Aluminum
Lowers have a 1 mil Hardcoat - Uppers have a 2 mil Hardcoat
Your choice of finish coating anodized, black cerakote or hydrographics as your choice.
Call For Pricing - 814-695-2929

Lawruk Machine Altoona, PA
American Owned and Operated